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Pure eri & muga mix silk shawl from assam-black weaving with guna work


Product Specifications

Elegant silk shawls are the perfect light evening wrap for dining or dancing on the club's patio. Treat yourself… or your best friends…to the wonderfully soft and delicate feel of these Eri & Muga mix silk wraps shawl which are hand-woven by weavers of Assam. Eri and Muga silk cocoons are collected in the wild, then handspun and naturally dyed to create these luxurious shawls. Golden Muga adds a glistening frost to the underlying color making this a fabulous evening wrap. Eri-it could be white, creamy white or reddish. It can be spun evenly or unevenly in coarse or very fine counts which amplify the elegance of silk, comfort of cotton and warmth of wool. Fineness, density, strength, cross-sectional shape and surface properties are unique to Eri. Size: 85 Inches X 39 Inches

Size: 85 Inches X 39 Inches Material Used: Eri Silk Colors: Golden brown

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