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★ 5.0
The black embroidered Salwaar was beautifully done . But the turquoise embroidered anarkali was not good at all it was not stitched properly at all the under layer was very very tied i couldn’t fit on it I don’t know how to fix it they just stitched any how feels like i wasted my money.
Karunadorsamy Certified 1 day ago

★ 5.0
The product was exactly like the image on the product
Sroomanie ragnauth Certified 5 days ago

★ 5.0
Looks good and stitched well
Gyan n kris chandra Certified 19 days ago

★ 1.0
The fabric is cheap quality. The threads are coming out if the dupatta and lehenga, kurti embroidery is also very cheap quality
Pranitha45 Certified 28 days ago

★ 3.0
The stitching was just ok. Kurta was well stitched but the lehenga is oddly shaped. It doesn’t flow well and has a weird bulge in the middle but gets hidden by the Kurta so I will manage. Fabric quality was average, not worth the money spent.
Latika mahar Certified about 1 month ago

★ 1.0
Awful quality, as if it's for single use and disposable
Farhanaioa Certified about 1 month ago

★ 5.0
Sneh lata Certified about 1 month ago

★ 1.0
Product is damage
Kajol gupta Certified about 1 month ago

★ 4.0
Circumference of the bottom is way too less.. It should be more..
Kamna gulati Certified about 2 months ago

★ 1.0
The material was different , and the skirt has no pleats like shown on the picture. Noy happy at all.
Jintojohn315 Certified about 2 months ago

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