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Click here to know how to avail the Buy 1 Get 1 free
The following guidelines are based on the offer Buy 1 Get 3 , you can use the same steps to avail any Buy M Get N Offer:
Step 1: Add any product having the tag of “Buy 1 Get 3” (Buy M Get N) Offer Under the Available Offers section to the cart.
Step 2: On Adding the product to the cart, the cart will pop-up:
  • You will be able to see the a red coloured bar above the product you have just added
  • It will inform you that you have added 1 product to the cart.
  • And it will ask you to add 3 more products to the cart, as the offer is Buy 1 Get 3 in this case.
Step 3: Now you can do either of the two things:
  • a. If you need the same product as your remaining 3 free products, You can increase its quantity to 4 as the total of Buy 1 Get 3 is 4.
    • As soon as you increase the quantity of the product, you will be informed that quantity 3 of the item is free and you only have to pay for 1.
  • b. Or if you need other products as your remaining 3 free products, you can add those products to the cart. (Note that the other products you add should also have the tag of “Buy 1 Get 3 Free” .)
    • Note: if you choose the 2nd option, you will have to pay only for the product having the highest amount and the remaining items will be available for free.
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