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Satin Fabric

Satin has been around since centuries,what originated as a rare rich men's fabric from China during medieval age is today a fast favourite of common men,all thanks to industrial revolution which brought it to hold of people from all aspects of life.These days satin is everywhere from basketball courts to ballerina studios,from weddings to bedrooms,there's no holding back Satin.

Firstmost and a  very important thing to know about Satin is that,it didn't get it's name from the raw material used unlike silk,Satin is rather the weaving which holds the yarn together and is responsible for the lusturous texture and the unique feather softness.The weave in batches of four is held firmly with another yarn lengthwise,which leaves less chances of interlacing thus making the fabric smooth amd slippery.This process of twill weaving requires low yarn and is the real reason behind the luxurious feel.The satin we get to see today has been through centuries of compromises and transformations,the original satin that originated from Quanzhau region of China which was also pronounced as Zaitun or Zayton by Arabs(who were mostly responsible for the trade of the rich fabric)was the inspiration behind the name of Satin fabric.The thing about Satin being a rich people's favourite comes from the fact that earlier when it was launched,only silk yarn was used to be woven into fabrics that feel and seem luxurious.But with intense trade done by Arabs,it reached Europe,Rome and the countries from the middle-East.With the advent of industrial revolution much economical satin came in picture,satin that was finally in reach of the commoners.It also gave way to polyester satin and cotton satin,and wool satin.While polyester satin is velvet soft and a bit heavier,the cotton when woven into satin is not so glossy or smooth as compared to silk or polyester and is commonly known as sateen.

Satin textile

Earlier when satin was restricted only to the clutches of the rich men,it became quite a fascination for the royals.Satin as a fabric was smooth as a velvet also it falls dramatically,which looks seductive when worn in form of a gown,classy and rich when in cape and desirable when in gloves.The royals from Rome draped themselves seductively in satin drapes which was enough to make even Zeus have a second look,the royals in houses of british relied on satin for the uber luxurious wedding gown,gloves to accentuate already beautiful fingers,head svarves,stoles,drapes and bellies.From maharajas of India to Sheikhs of Arab everyone had a taste for Satin when it comes to upholstery,everything from cushions to bedsheets covered in satin was the new vogue.

The advancement in the fabric industry and the new technology brought new machines and led to introduction of synthetic fabric like polyester,which was easy to produce in bulk,unlike silk which relied completely on nature and it's resources.Though silk satin is skin friendly,nature friendly and organic,polyester seems to be winning the scene for it's availability and it's mass appeal for being cheaper.

Even though silk yarn is used in preparation of satin fabric and silk fabric,there's quite a visible difference in both the fabrics,for an instance while the silk is proportionally smooth on both the sides,the silk fabric is feathery smooth on one but on the other side it's kind of matte and less glossy.

In recent times when need is not the mother of invention anymore but it's the innovative hunger of men that has become a catalyst,the satin has gone under it's own share of innovation,where it's exploited to make as many as uses to it.This has worked towards the invention of new varieties on satin.

Every variety peculiar in it's weaving and the raw material used.Baronet satin looks glossy and smooth like silk on one side but cotton at the backside of it.Giving appearance of georgette fabric.Charmeuse satin as a fabric is really light and flowey.faconne satin's peculiarity is that it is woven in jacquard weave.Surf satin in appearance and otherwise resembles taffeta which is used in swimming costumes,on which water cease to stay for it's close weaving.Messaline satin is light in weight like charmeuse satin but it's weaving is loose.While Slipper satin is on thr heavier side and stiff,rather than being flowey like other satins.Sultan satin is a variety of fabric that is worsted.Farmer's satin is made with mercerized cotton.Gattar satin too has cotton but it's a blend of both cotton and silk yarn.Duchess satin which may or may not have got it's name from the fact that it was primarily prepared for the gowns to make one feel like a queen,is heavy and of a luxurious feel.

The large the variety of it,the endless are the uses.From millennial women to the ancient royals now left only till photographs and paintings,everyone loves satin.Every poet ever born,every writer who has ever penned down his thoughts on the sensuality of women has always attached satin to the softness,sheen and seduction.It would be quite hilarious to describe cotton slipping off someone's body,isnt it?? The trait of satin to gather itself on one touch,while flow unapologetically if left,as if to conquer the stares is the most seductive attribute,and what better compliment it would get than to accentuate women's curves.

The satin industry has touched almost every aspect of human life,and there's no stopping it.It's been used in baseball jerseys,theatres,ballet shoes,wedding gowns for the dreamy royal touch,pocket squares,tshirts,shorts,shirts and blouses.In a variety of high end lingerie for women,from intricate detailed bras and thongs to seamless corsets and nightys,for womsn who would like to feel luxurious inside out.Satin has also made a statement witg it's uses in drapes,capes,hats and satin brooches,head scarves,bandanas,head gears,classy necktie for men and handkerchiefs.Since millennial fashion scene is all about making statement and being comfortable in whatever one wears,satin tees,satin rompers,satin lounge pants and satin shrugs too have made a mark in day to day wear.

Earlier when satin was found only in rich people's bedroom,people had the perception it's because it's extensive because of it's rarity and the variety of silk used.But there's another reason to it,according to a recent research using satin bedsheets and covers on bed can slower wrinkles on skin,as it provides for the least damage to be caused to the skin.So atleast now we know that the velvety softness and the smooth texture wasnt all for the eyes,but there's actual advantage to our beauty.

Even maintaining satin is no big deal,for a proper wash one is advised to go for drycleaning if it's silk based,as just like silk it's delicate fabric could be damaged by detergent wash.For the polyester satin which is heavier and synthetic that leaves less chances to it's damage,it is advised to rely on mild detergent wash to maintain the smoothness and soft texture.

Try not to rinse it hard and keep it in shade while drying.While ironing try to keep at low temperature and always iron on the backside of it,or whichever side is rougher or dull.

While storing a Satin,proper care should be taken if it's silk,as it won't tear but start blemishing if kept close to perfumes,it should be kept wrapped in a cloth for the longevity.Other satins don't need such advisory as they are strong enough to hold on and are really durable even under stress.

Wearing a satin requires no style guide,just have confidence in yourself and it will accentuate the beauty in you.

Satin Fabric Uses

  • Commonly used in clothings & Apparels
  • For Sports Wear
  • Medical and Industrial Purposes
  • For interior furnishing, Shirts, Shorts as well as in shoes






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