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Brasso Fabric

Brasso isn't just a fabric; it's a technique of burning out the details of a particular design on the saree, which makes it one fascinating piece of art. Brasso isn't new to Indian fashion scenerio, it has been here since medieval India when it was confined to only riches and royals for most of the brasso fabric industry relied on cotton as a raw material. But that was not the only reason, the work and embellishment done on the brasso too were of high quality material which it them quite a vougish affair. flowy dresses, gowns and lehengas in brasso adorned royal affairs and parties.

The process of burning out a fabric so that a design can be brought out into it, as a part of a fabric itself started with the advent of brasso. Earlier craftsmen with extensive knowledge of brasso, created brasso fabrics out of cotton, silk and velvet, but with the industrial revolution, fabric industry found itself synthetic thread like polyester and rayon. Now brasso detailing is done even on net, velvet georgette, cotton, silk with polyester rayon as the basic support material of the fabric. The fabric is made as such that the whole fabric remains sheer, while the detailing becomes opaque because of the burnout effect. The work done on brasso fabric nowadays has a lot of variety and a scope for experimentation because of the sustainability of the fabric, which is an important requirement.

Brasso as a fabric is known for its sustainability as well it's sheerness, the flowey material makes it a recipe for seduction. Brasso sarees, brasso blouses, brasso knee length skirts have already charmed their way into the fashion world not just in India but worldwide. Earlier while it was restricted to wedding lehengas, shararas and sarees, nowadays from lingerie to bags, clutches and shrugs a wide range of products have started finding their way to people's wardrobe.

Needless to say it's not just women who alone are betting huge on brasso, even a wide range of men accessories and apparel range available in brasso have started meeting the eyes. Brasso shirts a huge favourite for partygoers, brasso sash, pocket squares, even brasso sherwanis, brasso kurtas, brasso neckties, stretch pants and stoles have been launched. Like seriously, who says men fashion is not demanding??

Brasso Fabric

Celeb's favourite.

Remember Priyanka chopra's saree in all-time hit "Desi girl" from movie Dostana??The beige saree and it's grace seduced almost everyone's heart to floor, such is the effect of a brasso saree that it's detailing works for itself, you accessorise it or not,  the design itself accentuates the curves and the edges so graciously that the much needed embelishments for other sarees, feel unimportant on a brasso saree. Celebrities ranging from Sonakshi sinha, madhuri dixit, kareena kapoor and sonam kapoor are seen strutting around at parties amd pujas in the very versatile brasso, that works every occasion, every day, every time of the year. The composition of brasso fabric is such that it stays cool and airy and never sticks to the body, so it not only defines the curves but also moves playfully which makes it look beautiful in Anarkalis and Lehengas.

With high end designers like Manish malhotra, Sabyasachi and Shantanu Nikhil creating wonders of creativity with brasso for their couture fashion ranges, brasso has finally started getting appreciation it always deserved, brasso has traveled long from local brasso warehouses to Indian ramp walks, now brasso has started getting share of it's fame even at International platform. Internationally acclaimed designers have collaborated lines of fashion with brasso and it's versatility as the inspiration.

Even though a brasso outfit doesnt need much of a embellishment, cos it complete in itself, even then if it lacks a glitter or too, or the occasion (or maybe the distant relative whom you dont even recognize) is demanding for you too add an accessory or two then be glad cos nothing, like seriously nothing looks too much or out of place with brasso. For am instance, a dull coloured brasso saree can be accessorized with a choker style dull gold necklace and lots of contrast bangles, for a brasso anarkali which is fuller in itself, just a pair of jhumkas in oxidized silver or oxidized gold will do the needful. For a straight cut brasso suit which accentuates the curve, it is advised to stick to a stack of bangles in contrast or in hue of shade closest to that of suit, while for a brasso blouse and skirt, a long chain pendant brings edge to the look.

The new designs and the embellishment available in brasso are the proof that demanding and fashion centric youth has understood the capabilities of brasso as a fabric so versatile that it can be easily be brought in for a creative experimentation and be rest assured for the creative authenticity. The fashion fads and the craftsmen working with brasso since centuries have always been open for embellishments on brasso, zari, embroidery, patchwork, motifs, threads, beads and kundan have always been adorned beautifully on brasso outfits. The new embellishments are ghungru, mirror and gemstones. Half and half sarees, with brasso and velvet collaborated together beautifully; net sarees in brasso which look spectacular in spring colours are the few highlights of what brasso has in store.


The hassle free fabric..

Since brasso is quite sturdy material, it doesnt require too much of attention when wearing it, but it requires an amount of delicateness when being washed. Since most of the brasso fabric has net or velvet as raw material it is advised to go for dry cleaning, or the detergent wash can ruin the material or completely fade it's sheen. Even while storing brasso, one shall keep it inside a airproof packaging or a wooden storage box, wrapped in a cloth to maintain it, bcos it's highly susceptible to pest attack.

So just keep experimenting with this advanced fabric and keep strutting around the fashion scene as if you own it.


Brasso Fabric Uses 
- Manufacturing of Cloths Apparels
- For Home furninshing items
- For Sports wear products



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